Sydney towards 2030 - Sydney’s moment of truth

A dozen cranes branch into the sky where tenants Bri Voto and Jason Martin look out from their front porch. Their yard spills onto an empty block that touches James Ruse Drive, near where the highway crosses the Parramatta River. A plank forms a makeshift bridge over the railway at Camellia station behind them - Sydney’s least visited train station - and leads to their house, the lone residence among 320 hectares of industrial land.

If the house is still standing in 10 years, it will likely be among unrecognisable surroundings and 8000 people. A new Camellia town centre will eventually service 10,000 households and provide jobs for 5000, planning documents say. There will be a new primary school, light rail stop and two 40-storey towers, with more in Parramatta to the west and Olympic Park to the east.

Full Article with interactive Data in Sydney Morning Herald

September 9, 2019

Natassia Chrysanthos

Jennifer Min